Swarm Interactive is pleased to announce the release of our newest 3D animation. Cardiovascular Stent Placement takes the viewer into the coronary arteries of the heart for a look at how an expandable stent is deployed to widen a blockage.

Want to see the new content? See our full library in action.

Here's a look at our new Cardiovascular Stent Placement module.


Today's site launch is Compass Surgical Partners.

About the Practice

Compass Surgical Partners is a surgery center management, acquisition, and development firm. We focus in three core areas:

Partner Principles

Our primary customers are the surgeons and hospitals with which we partner - those in which we believe provide exceptional patient care, add value to the communities in which they serve, and for which we can partner to provide a solid return on investment.

Our mission is to create high-value partnerships that provide exceptional surgical services to the local communities and provide a positive return on investment to each partner.

Our core focus is structuring and strengthening a partnership that will put the customers in control of their own destiny.

Ultimately, we value each partnership on its own merit....not as part of a portfolio of companies. We will strive to execute upon a high value proposition that is unique for each individual partnership.

Swarm Interactive is pleased to unveil an exciting new animation style for 2012. In our quest to provide the web's premier patient education viewing experience, we have adopted a more cinematic visual approach. As always, we have retained our focus on accuracy and ease of comprehension.

We are using highly detailed new 3D models, new software and new animation techniques. We're updating older animations and building a wide range of new modules. Take a look at our new style by viewing our two newest animations, Pacemaker (Overview) and Pacemaker Implantation (Endocardial Approach).

Want to see the new content? See our full library in action.

Or here's a look at our new Pacemaker Overview module.