Integrated Laboratory SolutionsToday's site launch is Integrated Laboratory Solutions, a urine drug toxicology testing laboratory located in Pinehurst, NC.

About Integrated Laboratory Solutions

Integrated Laboratory Solutions (ILS) is dedicated to personalized service and support, fast turnaround times and accurate test technology in the field of urine drug toxicology testing.

Laboratory Testing

ILS offers a full range of comprehensive confirmation services that are customized for each unique medical practice. They work with you to meet your unique needs specific to your practice, and provide their clients with objective to monitor that patients are adherent to treatment plans and agreement.

The Spine & Rehab GroupToday's site launch is The Spine & Rehab Group, with multiple locations in New York and New Jersey.

About The Spine & Rehab Group

At The Spine & Rehab Group our back pain specialists and pain management specialists understand your pain. Our team of Board Certified Doctors and Physical Therapists in New York City and New Jersey provide you with one-on-one care and develop a custom fit treatment plan to restore your health, relieve pain and promote recovery.

Whether you have back pain, a knee injury, migraine headaches, herniated discs of any other condition or injury that is causing you pain, The Spine & Rehab Group’s Integrative and Non-Surgical approach to treating your pain will get you back on track to enjoy your life and live pain free!

2014 eHealthcare Leadership Awards WinnerThe ViewMedica patient education system was recognized as the Gold Winner in the 2014 eHealthcare Leadership Awards for Best Rich Media for Business/Process Improvement Application. These are applications that focus on enhancing an organization's website, such as health content or interactivity functions.

ViewMedica, which was also a 2013 eHealthcare winner, kept ahead of the competition by adding a host of new features including bumpers, playlists, markup mode and a new search function. Information on all of these upgrades can be found at

Swarm Interactive, Inc., the developer of ViewMedica, is very proud of our award-winning patient education system. ViewMedica is a Web-based informational system used by thousands of doctors around the world to educate their patients with clear and attractive medical videos. Subscribers to ViewMedica customize their own medical content library at an affordable price. Practices and patients can print hard-copy brochures describing any condition or procedure in the ViewMedica library. And, ViewMedica is accessible on most smart phone, tablet and desktop environments. All content includes closed captioning and Spanish support.

The eHealthcare Leadership Awards recognize the very best websites and digital communications of healthcare organizations, online health companies, pharmaceutical/medical equipment firms, suppliers, and business improvement initiatives. These awards highlight the Internet's role in achieving an organization's business objectives and recognize the hard work that has gone into creating outstanding health websites and digital initiatives.

Winners were recognized during a special presentation at the 18th Annual Healthcare Internet Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. An independent panel of judges familiar with healthcare and digital communications evaluated the entries, who's digital efforts were rated based on a standard of Internet excellence and how they compare with others.