Over the past year, we have added many new features to the ViewMedica player that you may not have noticed. The video below showcases several of the enhancements that we continue to bring to the online patient education experience.

Please ensure that you have the latest embed code in order to use all of these features. If you need help, contact support.

The new year brings a new feature to ViewMedica: Bumpers. Bumpers are custom informational slides or YouTube™ videos that play before and/or after all of your ViewMedica videos.

Bumpers come free with every ViewMedica subscription, and are a great way to include practice-specific information with your patient education videos.

Whether you are looking to add your practice logo, a welcome video from your doctor, or maybe a marketing message for the practice, Bumpers are the solution. And best of all, Bumpers can be created in minutes and appear with every video in your library.

Want to learn more? Watch this three-and-a-half minute video or check out our Support Page for all the details.

The Spine & Rehab GroupToday's site launch is The Spine & Rehab Group, with multiple locations in New York and New Jersey.

About The Spine & Rehab Group

At The Spine & Rehab Group our back pain specialists and pain management specialists understand your pain. Our team of Board Certified Doctors and Physical Therapists in New York City and New Jersey provide you with one-on-one care and develop a custom fit treatment plan to restore your health, relieve pain and promote recovery.

Whether you have back pain, a knee injury, migraine headaches, herniated discs of any other condition or injury that is causing you pain, The Spine & Rehab Group’s Integrative and Non-Surgical approach to treating your pain will get you back on track to enjoy your life and live pain free!