East Coast OrthopaedicsToday's site launch is East Coast Orthopaedics, comprehensive orthopaedic care practice offering a full spectrum of orthopaedic services to patients in South Florida.

Comprehensive Orthopaedic Care In South Florida

East Coast Orthopaedics is devoted to the care and treatment of the musculoskeletal system. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive care in hip surgery, arthroscopic knee and shoulder surgery, ligament reconstruction, sports medicine, joint replacement, spine surgery and fracture care. The goal of East Coast Orthopaedics is to offer our patients relief from pain and return to the normal activities of daily living.

Anterior Approach to Total Hip Replacement

Dr. Bruce Janke and Dr. Steven Naide are among a very exclusive group of surgeons nationwide offering anterior approach to hip replacement surgery. They are the first – and most experienced – surgeons in South Florida who are specially trained and now performing anterior approach hip replacement surgery utilizing a specially designed Hana table.

Spine Care

Dr. John Malloy specializes in the treatment of cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine degenerative conditions with less invasive spine surgery techniques – an advantage for his patients.

Pain Consultants of San DiegoToday's site launch is the office of Dr. Michael Verdolin, a board certified pain management specialist with two California locations in La Mesa and National City.

Delivering on the Promise of NeuroModulation

Pain Consultants of San Diego is dedicated to helping patients not only manage their pain, but improve their quality of life. They are dedicated to focusing on strategies based on behavioral, physical, medication, and procedural interventions that improve quality of life.

PCOFSD is an evidence-based organization, and strive to apply both science and art to the improvement of our patients lives. They strive to seek out the latest innovations and apply them for the betterment of our patients in their lives.

Meet Dr. Michael Verdolin

Michael Verdolin, MD is a board-certified pain management specialist with more than 15 years experience treating chronic pain.
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Dr. Rolando GarciaToday's site launch is Dr. Rolando Garcia,a board certified orthopedic surgeon sub-specializing in spine care for almost twenty years in Miami, FL.

Services Dr. Rolando Garcia Provides

Dr. Garcia provides medical care for all orthopedic conditions while providing particular training and expertise in spinal conditions. For almost twenty years, Dr. Garcia has been in practice at the Orthopedic Care Center, with locations in Aventura and Hallandale, FL.

Expertise in Disc Replacement Surgery

The success of disc replacement surgery depends on careful patient selection, meticulous disc space preparation, and ideal artificial disc selection and placement. Surgeon experience in these criteria becomes critical in the success of implantation. Implant selection usually depends on the surgeon’s experience and comfort with an implant; however, design features such as multiple implant sizes and heights, anatomic design of the endplates, as well as a mobile plastic core play a significant role in the selection process. In addition, state of the art (new generation) instrumentation better allow the surgeon to properly place the disc in ideal position.