newyorkspinedoctor.comToday's site launch is Integrative Spine & Orthopedic Rehabilitation, the office of Alicia R. Carter, MD.

About the Practice

Dr. Alicia R. Carter's practice is devoted to the non-operative management of various orthopedic conditions, including neck and back pain, sports injuries, performing arts injuries and arthritis. Her primary area of interest is in disorders of the spine

Meet Dr. Carter

Dr. Carter's holistic approach to treatment combines natural remedies with the most cutting edge treatments in traditional medicine.

Dr. Carter's clientele include college and professional athletes, Broadway performers, professional dancers, musicians and weekend warriors. Many physicians and other health professionals seek her care for their own orthopedic conditions.




SpineCare DelawareToday's site launch is SpineCare Delaware, an ambulatory surgery center located in Newark, DE.

About SpineCare Delaware

At SpineCare Delaware, our physicians perform over 5,000 X-ray guided spinal procedures per year. The physicians and staff of SpineCare Delaware are vastly experienced in providing care of the highest quality while maximizing patient comfort. We pride ourselves in consistently and collaboratively exceeding the expectations of the spinal medical community. We are committed to excellence.

About Our Services

Spinal injections serve as a medical tool to relieve spinal pain, and assist in diagnosing your pain generator. SpineCare Delaware's physicians perform over 5,000 X-ray guided spinal procedures per year, utilizing state of art medical equipment to insure each patient’s safety and comfort.


Neurological Associates of SW CT


QuickSite Upgrade

Today's QuickSite Upgrade is Neurological Associates of Southwestern Connecticut, a brain and spine center with locations in Norwalk and Danbury, CT.

About Neurological Associates of SW CT

Neurological Associates of Southwestern Connecticut is a practice that specializes in brain surgery and spine surgery and is dedicated to serving both patients and physicians in their community. Doctors S. Javed Shahid, Ramon Batson, and Scott P. Sanderson are its primary medical doctors.

Services Provided

Visit the new website of Neurological Associates of SW CT for more information on the practice and its doctors.