Alamo Pain Center


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Today's QuickSite Upgrade is Alamo Pain Center, a pain management practice located in San Antonio, TX.

About Alamo Pain Center

Alamo Pain Center uses a holistic approach to ensure the comprehensive evaluation and treatment of every patient. It pays to learn as much as you can about the treatment options available and how to use them safely. Dr. Joseph Gabriel and Dr. Sergio Souza are board certified Anesthesiologists with sub specialty certification in Pain Management. 

Services Provided

Alamo Pain Center is committed to providing a broad spectrum of services for the treatment of pain. All treatment options may be used alone or in conjunction with other modalities to meet your individual needs. The goal is to reduce pain and improve or restore function.




Northeast Pain Management


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Today's QuickSite Upgrade is Northeast Pain Management, the largest interventional pain management office in the state of Maine. NPM provides expert treatment, timely appointments and cost effective services.

Mission Statement

It is the goal of Northeast Pain Management to provide the highest quality of interventional pain and minimally invasive spine surgery services. NPM provides care at all times and a cure where possible.

Pain Management Services

NPM specializes in treating painful spinal, neurological and musculoskeletal conditions with leading edge procedures guided by xrays or ultrasound to precise locations. Northeast Pain Management offers cutting edge treatments such as Kyphoplasty for vertebral compression fractures, Synvisc-1 for a FDA approved one shot treatment of knee arthritis, and platelet rich plasma (PRP) for treatment of athletic injuries.



Advanced Pain and Spine of Montana


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Today's QuickSite Upgrade is Advanced Pain & Spine Institute of Montana, a practice dedicated to treating both acute and chronic pain.

About Advanced Pain and Spine Institute of Montana

Advanced Pain and Spine Institute of Montana is dedicated to improving their patients' function and quality of life through an inter-disciplinary treatment model tailored to each individual patient's needs. They believe in treating the entire person, as pain effects not only the physical aspects of your life but also your mind, spirit, personal relationships, jobs, family, and emotional well being. 


Advanced Pain and Spine Institute of Montana has multiple medical modalities to treat pain. These include medications, physical therapy, pain psychotherapy, and interventional pain procedures