ViewMedica is pleased to announce the addition of the Podiatry Collection, a new grouping of podiatry patient education animations designed to better meet the needs of podiatry practices. The new podiatry patient education collection includes a comprehensive assortment of 109 animations that explain conditions and procedures associated with the lower leg, ankle, foot and toes.

Practice pricing for the podiatry patient education collection starts at $50 a month for up to 25 animations. Additional animations are just $2 each per month.


Swarm Interactive is pleased to announce the addition of 13 new educational modules to the ViewMedica patient education system. The new content includes animations in General Healthcare and Ob/Gyn.

Want to see the new content? SEE OUR FULL LIBRARY in action.

Here's a snapshot of all the new additions.

General Healthcare

  • Anesthesia (Conscious Sedation)
  • Anesthesia (Epidural)
  • Anesthesia (General)
  • Anesthesia (Local)
  • Anesthesia (Lumbar Puncture, Spinal Anesthesia)
  • Anesthesia (Monitored Anesthesia Care, MAC)
  • Anesthesia (Regional)
  • Lumbar Puncture (Spinal Tap) for Cerebrospinal Fluid Analysis
  • PICC (Peripherally-Inserted Central Catheter) Line Insertion


Swarm Interactive is pleased to announce the launch of ViewMedica installation plugins for the Joomla! and WordPress content managment systems.

The plugins can be downloaded and directly from our Support Page. After installation, the plugins allow you to easily add either a full or specific ViewMedica player to any article within your site.

For downloads and instructions, visit our Support Page.