ViewMedica 7 plugin for WordPress

This plugin is to help embed the ViewMedica™ Patient Education system in your WordPress site. It will help prevent WYSIWYG editors from stripping out script and HTML code that is required by your ViewMedica embed.

1. Download and install the plugin in WordPress. Make sure that the file you are uploading does not get automatically unzipped by your computer when it is downloaded. It should have a .zip file extension.

2. Activate the plugin in the Plugins page of the WordPress administrator back end.

3. Go into Settings -> Swarm Interactive and input your ViewMedica client ID.

4. Create a new post and use the ViewMedica button to insert shortcode into your posts. Alternatively, you can also manually insert this shortcode: [viewmedica]

Download/Change Requests

You can find the latest code, download, and submit pull requests on Github.

You can also download the latest version on WordPress.og