Hiding a Playlist From Public View

By default, new Playlists are created as "Public," which means that they are live within your ViewMedica viewer under the Playlists menu item in your main menu. Everyone has access to a Public Playlist. But some playlists may be used for internal use only or may not be ready for Public use. For those Playlists, you want to set them to be "Private."

1. After logging in to your account dashboard, click ViewMedica's Playlists icon.

2. You will see your list of Playlists on the left side of the page. Select the Playlists you want to make Private.

3. When the Playlist's information opens, you will see under the Playlist title, the “Settings” tab. Click that. Then you will see Public/Private toggle buttons in a section called “Playback Settings”.

4. Select Private to make the Playlist Private.

Now when you preview your ViewMedica, the playlist will not be linked to within the ViewMedica Playlists menu. But you can still use the Private Playlist's embed code to embed the Playlist on a web page. You may want to do this, for example, to give a non-public facing page of your website access to the Private Playlist so staff can use it for VMcasting or other in-office uses.