Save Bandwidth with VMcast Fire TV App

VMcast uses your internet to stream videos and keep your playlists up to date. If this uses more of your bandwidth than you are comfortable with, there is a solution. The VMcast App lets you download ViewMedica videos and slides. When set, VMcast plays your ViewMedica content from the device. Only YouTube videos are not downloaded due to limitations within the YouTube API.

1) First, select the playlist you want to download from the Fire TV app’s playlist selection screen.

2) Press the 'Down' button until the 'Download Playlist' option is selected. Small numbers to the right of this button will show an estimate for how much data will be saved each time the playlist loops. Press the 'Select' button to begin downloading.

3) Videos and slides will download in the background. Your app functions normally while this happens. You can even start playback by selecting the 'Play' option. Videos and slides will be streamed from ViewMedica servers until they become available offline. You can also select the 'See Playlist' option to see which content has been downloaded. Items with a cloud icon on the right are still waiting to be downloaded or are streaming only.

4) Your device must stay connected to the internet to function properly. Small amounts of data are still pulled from ViewMedica servers so your playlist is always playing the latest content. Please ensure your Fire TV Stick has a strong wifi or ethernet connection.

Clearing Downloaded Data

Sometimes your Fire TV device may be too full to hold any more downloaded data. If you run out of space, remove unneeded downloaded playlists from the device.

Removing a Single Playlist

First select the playlist you want to remove. Scroll down to the 'Remove Download' option and press the remote's 'Select' button. A blue notification will slide in once the data has been cleared successfully.

Removing All Downloaded Playlists

From the main playlist selection screen, press 'Up' to reveal the settings panel. Press right until the 'Clear All Downloaded Data' option is revealed. Then press 'Select' to remove all downloaded videos and slides from your device.